Jet HomeLoans Hires Loan Originating Team, Lisa Doherty (NMLS: 461718) and Marta Lillard (NMLS: 879436)

High-Powered Mortgage Industry Duo Ready to Make Clients’ Homeownership Dreams Come True

Jet HomeLoans, LLC (NMLS: 1660135) is thrilled to announce the hire of two new Loan Originators, Lisa Doherty and Marta Lillard.

With over 30 years combined in the mortgage industry, Lisa and Marta, known as the L & M Team, are experienced loan originators who truly enjoy guiding their clients through the home buying process.

“Buying a home is like solving a puzzle—it can be complex and you need all the pieces to fit together to see the bigger picture. We help our clients solve their home buying puzzle with clear, honest communication, friendly customer care and a wealth of mortgage industry knowledge. These are the key pieces for ensuring they feel confident and empowered on their homeownership journey,” says Doherty.

With their wide range of mortgage experience, Doherty and Lillard perfectly complement each other as teammates who prioritize developing and nurturing genuine relationships with their clients.

Lillard says, “Lisa and I joined forces because we both understand how important variety and flexibility is for our clients. Although we have distinct personalities, strengths and skillsets, we share the same approach to helping our customers. Together, we’re committed to giving our clients a positive and rewarding home buying process.”

“Lisa and Marta are an incredibly powerful loan origination team. They’re totally in sync with their communication and customer service, as well as their ability to utilize each other’s strengths when assisting aspiring home buyers. With their professionalism and natural ability to connect with their customers, they’re bound for success as members of the Jet HomeLoans crew,” says Branch Manager, Jason Kindler.

Jet HomeLoans is a Florida-based residential mortgage originator offering a wide variety of home loans including fixed and adjustable rate loans, home-purchase and renovation loans, and refinancing loans.

At Jet HomeLoans, we’re here to provide first-class service, support, and straightforward advice to guide you through the entire mortgage process.