Legal & Licensing

Jet HomeLoans, LLC Legal Disclosures and License Information

It is Jet HomeLoans, LLC policy to comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act. In addition, it is Jet HomeLoans, LLC policy to comply with state laws that provide greater protection. Jet HomeLoans, LLC is an Equal Housing Lender, and does not engage in business practices that discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race; color; religion; creed; national origin; ancestry; sex; marital status; familial status (number and age of children); sexual orientation; age (provided that the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding agreement); medical history; disability; physical condition; military status; because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act or Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA); that all or part of a consumer’s income derives from a public assistance program; or any other basis prohibited by law. The federal agency that administers our compliance with these federal laws is the Federal Trade Commission, Equal Credit Opportunity, Washington, DC, 20580.

State Disclosure Requirements

Jet HomeLoans, LLC is a licensed mortgage lender in the following states:

Texas State Specific

In Texas – consumers wishing to file a complaint against a company or a residential mortgage loan originator should complete and send a complaint form to the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, 2601 N. Lamar, Suite 201, Austin, Texas 78705. Complaint forms and instructions may be obtained from the department’s website at A toll-free consumer hotline is available at 1-877-276-5550.

The department maintains a recovery fund to make payments of certain actual out of pocket damages sustained by borrowers caused by acts of licensed mortgage banker residential mortgage loan originators. A written application for reimbursement from the recovery fund must be filed with and investigated by the department prior to the payment of a claim. For more information about the recovery fund, please consult the department’s website at

Jet HomeLoans, LLC Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Number 1660135 Toll Free Number: (833) 270-7191

Jet HomeLoans, LLC Affiliated Businesses

Acrisure Mortgage Partners, LLC; FBC Mortgage, LLC; Dream Finders Homes, LLC; DF Title, LLC d/b/a Golden Dog Title

Jet HomeLoans, LLC Trade Name Disclosure

FBC Mortgage, LLC also does business as Home Loans Today
Home Loans Today is a registered trade name used by a branch of FBC Mortgage, LLC is in its Consumer Direct Division.
FBC Mortgage, LLC does not operate as Home Loans Today in Massachusetts
FBC Mortgage is a registered trade name
SimpleLoan is a registered trade name is a registered trade name
FBC Home Loans is a registered trade name

Pre-Approval Disclosure

*“Pre-Approval” means an automated underwriting system approval (conditional approval) based upon credit information supplied by applicant and subject to Jet HomeLoans, LLC’s review of loan documents. Not all applicants will be approved. 

Information regarding risks of reverse mortgages:

  • A reverse mortgage is a loan that must be repaid
  • Circumstances under which payments or access to a line of credit may end or a consumer would be required to repay a reverse mortgage during the consumer’s life (e.g., the borrower sells the home)
  • Foreclosure may occur if the consumer (1) lives somewhere other than the home longer than allowed by the loan agreement; or (2) does not pay property taxes or insurance premiums
  • Consumers must make payments for taxes and insurance during the term of the reverse mortgage
  • Reverse mortgage costs may vary and less expensive options may be available
  • A reverse mortgage may affect eligibility for some government programs. Specifically, SSI and Medicaid may be affected.
  • In order to retain the home when the reverse mortgage becomes due that (1) the consumer or the consumer’s heirs or estate must pay the entire loan balance and (2) the balance may be greater than the value of the consumer’s home.